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Terms of Use

Please read the terms of use before continuing correspondence with the chatbot: Ezra Bot is a secure chatbot provided via the WhatsApp application (the site -, the rest of the assets owned by the company and the chatbot, will be referred to together as "Ezra Bot" or "the Service") aimed at creating a safe space for connecting and matching between volunteers and individuals needing assistance in a variety of areas ("Project Purpose"). Ezra Bot is a volunteer project established by a group of high-tech entrepreneurs, developers, product people, and marketing individuals following the horror event and war that broke out on 7.10.23, and is supported by Pardes Communities Ltd. ("the Company"). All users of the service, including volunteers and individuals needing assistance, will be referred to together as "the Users". The terms of use are phrased in the male form for convenience only and they refer equally to both genders.


1. **Agreement to Terms of Use**

Use of Ezra Bot is subject to the terms of use herein ("Terms of Use"). Using Ezra Bot indicates your agreement and approval of the terms of use and the privacy clause as detailed below. The company will not contact you or transfer your details for other purposes that do not serve the project's purpose. If you do not fully agree to the terms of use, you are not allowed to use Ezra Bot. The company reserves the right to update the terms of use from time to time. The use of Ezra Bot is intended for those who are 18 years old and over. However, the use of Ezra Bot by users who are under 18 will be allowed subject to receiving the approval of their parents or guardian ("the Responsible") for this. Continued use by users under 18 implies that the Responsible’s approval has been received as required and that the Responsible has approved the terms of use on behalf of and for the minor, and that he is legally eligible to act as the Responsible.


2. **User Obligations in the Service**

The company wishes to ensure that Ezra Bot is managed properly and adequately serves the project’s purpose in a positive manner. Therefore, you commit and are required not to perform the following actions: use the service for any illegal or immoral use, that does not serve the project’s purpose, for malicious purposes or in violation of the terms of use; any commercial use of the service without the company's prior written consent; providing false information within the service; providing information about another person without their explicit consent or without authority within the service; providing identifying details about people within the service without appropriate approval; infringement in any way of copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights belonging to the company; interference in any way with the service’s operation. The company is entitled, at its sole discretion, to block and/or cancel user access to the service, including if they did not act according to the terms of use, without derogating from any other remedy.


3. **Provision of Information**

You commit and confirm that all information, data, and documents you provide as part of the service are complete and accurate, serve the project’s purpose, and do not include identifying details about any person without their consent or appropriate authorization, and subject to what is stated in clause 4.2.


4. **Privacy Policy**

*For your information, personal information or "information" as defined in the Privacy Protection Law and in general, is information related to an identified person or a person who can be identified. For example: data on a person's personality, personal status, intimate details about him and his life, his health status, economic situation, professional training, opinions, and beliefs.*

4.1 You are not required to provide us with personal information by any law. Any personal information you provide us with, directly or indirectly through the service, is provided subject to your consent and your desire to use Ezra Bot.

4.2 Types of personal information collected and how it's collected: During your contact with Ezra Bot: your full name, your phone number, and the content of your request will be collected. As part of the request content and in general, you are asked not to provide additional personal information of any kind except for the information mentioned in clause 4.1 (including, address, ID number, email address, etc.). When making contact: If you contact us by sending an email to or through a request on social networks, you will need to provide your full name, email address, and request details, so that we can handle it. We may request additional details according to your request and for handling it. For service maintenance and security: As part of the site management and maintenance, we will use certain information, such as phone number, to conduct checks, identify and prevent malfunctions, frauds, etc.

4.3 Our use of personal information: We will use the personal information collected by us for the following purposes: to provide the service, including connecting volunteers and people needing assistance. For handling your requests, for documentation and control purposes, and for responding to inquiries. For information security purposes and compliance with the law. For defense in legal proceedings, fraud prevention, impersonation, forgery, activity in violation of the terms of use, privacy policy, and the law. For maintenance and improvement of the service.

4.4 Sharing Personal Information: We will not transfer the personal information you have provided to us to third parties, except in the following cases:

With your consent or if it is necessary for the operation of the service (for example, to connect you with suitable users who need your help or can assist you). To service providers who assist us in the smooth operation of the service or services included therein or attached thereto. Some providers may be located outside the State of Israel and in other jurisdictions, where privacy laws and rights are different from those proposed by Israeli law, including in the United States if required by law, by a judicial order or directive from an authorized authority. In the case of legal proceedings and also in any dispute, claim, demand to which we are a party. In the event that our company is acquired by a third party or merged with a third-party company, or as part of an examination related to such a transaction, we reserve the right to transfer or erase personal information. We may disclose the information if we have a reasonable reason to believe that disclosure of the information assists or is necessary in order to: (a) comply with any law; (b) enforce the terms; (c) defend against harm to the rights, property or safety of any person or entity.


4.5 Links to Third Party Products: The service may contain links to third-party websites that are not owned or controlled by the company (each of them "Third Party Sites"). The company is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of such third party sites. We recommend that you read the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of all third-party sites you choose to use or interact with.


4.6 Your Rights: We respect your right to privacy and want to retain only necessary, up-to-date, and accurate information. It is important to us that you know that you are entitled to review your personal information held by us, and should you find that this information is not correct, complete, clear, or up-to-date, you may contact us with a request to correct or delete the said personal information, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 5741 – 1981. We invite you to contact us on this matter and any question relating to your privacy by sending an email to EzraTeam_IL@com.


4.7 Security: We adhere to the existing standards in the industry to protect personal information. However, no data transmission over the internet or electronic storage method is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security or absolute confidentiality of personal information.


5. Verification Process:

At the beginning of the interaction with Ezra Bot, you will be required to undergo an identification and verification process conducted by a third party, in which you will need to photograph an identification document ("third party"). The company has no responsibility for the said process including the verification of user identities and their details. We recommend that you read the terms, conditions, and privacy policy of the third party before undergoing the verification process. In addition, we recommend that, after receiving details of a second party by Ezra Bot, to conduct a preliminary conversation aimed at verifying the identity of the second party and verifying its details including the details of the request for help/volunteering.


6. Communication via WhatsApp:

Communication with Ezra Bot is done through the WhatsApp application. The company is not responsible for the privacy policies or terms of use of WhatsApp. We recommend that you read their terms and privacy policy before using.


7. Limitation of Liability:

The company provides the service and the details transferred within it as is (AS IS), and does not provide any warranty regarding liability, whether explicit or implied, legal or otherwise, in any engagement with the company, its representatives, or anything related to the service including interactions between users. Under no circumstances shall the company be liable to you for any damage of any kind, loss, distress, and the like, indirect and/or direct consequences that will be caused to service users and/or any third party as a result of reliance on and/or the details or information provided by the company or through the service, even if the company or its agents or representatives were aware or were reported about the possibility of such damage, to you or any person other than you, and no reliance claim shall be heard against the company. The company will not be responsible and does not take any part in the engagement that will be formed between the parties after connecting them, and has no relation to the volunteering that will be performed or not performed after connecting the parties. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the details provided and the identity of the users and is not responsible for the content of user inquiries transferred by Ezra Bot or any other information provided by the users. The company will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the violation of the terms of use. The user bears full and exclusive responsibility for any information detail they choose to publish within the service, and undertakes to indemnify the company for any damage caused as a result or violation of the terms of use.


8. Intellectual Property:

All information appearing in the service is the exclusive property of the company or a third party, who authorized the company to use it and should not be considered as granting any license or any rights whatsoever in the intellectual property of the company or third parties. For the avoidance of doubt, making or the possibility of using the service does not grant the user any right whatsoever in the company's intellectual property. It is forbidden to sell and/or rent and/or copy and/or duplicate and/or transfer and/or publicly display and/or distribute and/or process and/or modify and/or translate and/or exploit for any commercial purpose whatsoever, directly and/or indirectly and/or use in any way the content and/or the trademarks belonging to the company, except with the company's permission, in advance and in writing and in accordance with the exclusive discretion of the company.


9. Contact Us:

For any questions you have regarding the service, reporting malfunctions, or requests and suggestions, please contact us via email at EzraTeam_IL@com and we will strive to handle your inquiry as soon as possible.


10. General:

The company reserves the right to cancel the service and to change its structure, appearance, availability, the visibility of the service, and any other feature from time to time, without the need to notify in advance. These terms shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive jurisdiction for any matter relating to this agreement, its terms, and/or use of the service is in the authorized courts in the Tel Aviv-Yafo area.

Last updated: October 22, 2023.

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